About Us

AQUAMANIA SWIMMING LIMITED is a great program to prepare youngsters for the water. Initially children learn safety skills in and around water, and later the swimming skills training to a  competitive level.  It also provides a fun, but busy seasonal job for teenagers and young adults.

Our teaching techniques are unique to Aquamania but our certificate and awards schemes follow that of the Swimming Teachers Association (STA) in the UK, which is a charity founded in 1932 with its primary objective of “preserving lives by teaching swimming, lifesaving and survival techniques.” For more information on the award schemes please click on the STA link located at the bottom of this page.

Company Background

Aquamania Swimming began in MAY 1986 and was started by Lesley Cherry White, as a very small program for ONE month only.

Lesley was a founding member and competitive swimmer with the Harbour Swim Club from 1974. She began her “teaching” career with the club in 1979.

Lesley continued to teach in the program until 1986, at which time she started Aquamania Swimming in MAY alongside teaching Warwick Academy’s JULY Summer Swim program.  From 1987 until 1992, she divided her time between growing Aquamania Swimming Ltd, and organizing and supervising the Harbour Swim Club summer program, as well as teaching Physical Education full time at Saltus Grammar School from 1991.

Aquamania Swimming has grown from ONE pool, ONE teacher, 3 children per class, 3 afternoons a week for ONE month, more than 40 staff throughout the season, 8-30 children per class depending on pool size, 1,000+ students, weekday mornings/afternoons and Saturdays.  The program now caters to ages from 12 months to ADULTS; with our most mature to date being 78 years old.  Aquamania also offers lessons to more than 12 of the island’s preschools and nurseries. We also accept children with special needs into the programs, providing there is prior direct consultation with staff and parents, on how best to teach these children.

Lesley has a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education and a Master’s in Education Administration, and more than 30 years’ experience in teaching swimming and water safety.  She is also a CPR, AED and FIRST AID Instructor for the Bermuda Red Cross. Lesley was originally certified through the STA in the UK and holds the Basic and Standard Teacher’s Certificate, and an overseas membership.