Payment Options

OPTION 1 (and preferred option) : DIRECT DEPOSIT into Aquamania Swimming’s (LESLEY WHITE’s) account: HSBC - LESLEY WHITE - ACCT No. 011 060225 001. Either SCAN or MAIL waiver and check to P.O. Box WK 235, WARWICK, WK BX.

OPTION 2: DROP OFF waiver and cash at AF SMITH RETAIL STORE on Tumkins Lane, nr. BAA and Butterfield & Vallis. This is a drop off only, there will be no change or receipt given. PLEASE ENSURE THAT PAYMENT AND WAIVER ARE IN A SEALED ENVELOPE THAT IS CLEARLY LABELLED WITH SWIMMERS NAME ON IT. AF SMITH and AQUAMANIA SWIMMING LTD will NOT be responsible for forms and payment that are not put in a sealed envelope.

Terms and Conditions

Please read carefully and acknowledge that you have read and that you understand the terms and conditions, and waiver, by signing the waiver that you receive at the end of your registration process.

  1. Your reservation will be held for 5 days after you have registered, in order to give time for payment to be received. If you need more than 5 days to make payment, please email us at aquamania@logic.bm to make other arrangements. Your registration will not be cancelled automatically.
  2. Lessons that are missed cannot be made up and there is no reimbursement.
  3. A lesson cannot be rescheduled to a different time / day.
  4. Illness – no child should be sent to swimming lessons if he/she is sick; especially if he/she has a green nose (infectious), sore tummy, diarrhea/vomiting and/or fever. If he/she has been off school for the day do not bring him/her to lessons.
    If your child has ringworm, or you suspect he/she might, please ensure that it is COVERED COMPLETELY with a waterproof band aid (your child will not be able to swim if it is not covered or if the band aid comes off).
    If your child has CONJUNCTIVITIS, CHICKEN POX or IMPETIGO, or you suspect he/she might have any of these, please do not send them to lessons.
    NB: If your child comes to lessons with any of the above conditions, he/she will NOT be allowed in the water.
    If your child has any severe allergies, especially to bees or mosquitos, please ensure that an epi pen is brought to the pool and an adult guardian remains near the pool in case of emergency.
  5. Attendance – A badge and/or certificate may be awarded to your child/children at the end of each program, however your child/children will not be eligible if he/she misses more than 1-2 classes for each respective program. The number of missed classes allowed depends on the number of lessons offered. This information is provided on each waiver.
  6. Inclement weather - Since classes cannot be made up, our policy is that lessons will take place in rain, blow or shine. Classes will only be cancelled in the event of thunder, lightning, hurricanes and other dangerous conditions. NB: If thunder is heard, no matter how loud or how quiet, no matter how close or how far away, the Head Instructor will clear the pool. The recommended waiting period after the last clap of thunder is 30 minutes, before re-entering the pool.
    There is no reimbursement or make up class for lessons missed due to inclement weather.
  7. There is no reimbursement if a class and /or session is cancelled on any day, for reasons beyond the control of Aquamania Swimming Ltd.
  8. Aquamania Swimming Ltd reserves the right to change your child’s teacher, for example, due to teacher absence or as a “better fit” for your child.  Best efforts will be made to keep your child with a teacher they are attached to, however this is not always possible.
  9. Aquamania Swimming Ltd reserves the right to change the swimming pool used for a class, for example, due to a safety issue with the scheduled pool. Best efforts will be made to find a pool in the same vicinity; however this is not always possible.
  10. A cap must be worn by your child/children if he/she/they have hair that is in the eyes, over the ears and/or on the collar. Aquamania Swimming will make the final decision as to which children need to wear a swimming cap.
  11. Cancellation of classes – in order to cancel a class without penalty, 10 days’ notice is required by Aquamania Swimming Ltd.  If a course is cancelled within the 10 days’ notice, but before the start of the programme, there is a cancellation fee which is 50% of the cost of the course, as well as an administration fee of $10.00 for all refunds from the course/s cancelled.  There will be no refunds for cancellations once your child’s programme has started whatever the reason.
  12. A waiver must be signed by parents/guardians of all swimmers, where the swimmer is under the age of 18 years, prior to the start of the first lesson.  Failure to do so may result in your child not being able to participate.
  13. Aquamania Swimming Ltd. reserves the right to withdraw any swimmer who is not, or whose parent/guardian is not, following proper procedures as laid out by Aquamania.  There will be no refund.
  14. Parents will leave the pool deck and surrounding area when asked by the Staff of Aquamania Swimming Ltd.
  15. Aquamania Swimming Ltd. may use pictures and/or video clips, of your child/children on their website and/or facebook page (if you object to this, then please email aquamania@logic.bm and we will be sure not to use any pictures of your child/children).