Aquatots: 12 to 36 months

Aquamania Swimming uses the TLC (Tender Loving Care) approach to teaching swimming to infants and toddlers.   We teach various aquatics skills to improve your infant’s / toddler’s confidence in and around water, whilst encouraging safe practices.

The skills are taught in part and then put together through songs and/or rhymes.  Each baby and toddler can progress at his or her own pace, but are never forced to do anything they is not ready to do.

The classes also help the parents become less fearful with their Aquatots in the water.  Babies and Toddlers can sense fear and therefore it is important for parents to overcome this and promote a happy, more relaxed, caring and also safe, environment for the babies and toddlers each time they are taken to the water by their parents or guardians.

The benefits of Aquatots lessons are numerous:

  1. Can improve babies / toddlers cardio-respiratory function.
  2. Social Interaction with other children and adults.
  3. Promotes muscular development.
  4. Promotes coordination – reflex actions into conscious intentional movements in water.
  5. Promotes water safety.


Please carefully read the age appropriate times, and only sign up for the class time that reflects your child’s age at the start of the programmes.  Please only register for ONE Saturday class; you can waitlist for another.  Also, please only register for one weekday programme per month.  If you have any questions please send us an email to