Basic Water Safety and Junior Lifeguard

Junior Lifegaurd 1Our Basic Water Safety and Junior Lifeguard Courses are (further course detail is listed below):

  • Red Cross Basic Water Rescue
  • Red Cross CPR, AED and First Aid (CFAS)
  • Junior Lifeguarding
  • Full Pool Lifeguarding


This course provides individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to prevent, recognize and respond to many types of aquatic emergencies.  This course also prepares individuals for aquatic emergencies by teaching them how to protect themselves while assisting others. Three year certification.
Junior Lifegaurd 2
Skills covered include:

  • Recognition of aquatic environments and their general features/dangers.
  • Recognition of characteristics shown by people using aquatic environments/facilities.
  • Recognition of swimmers in distress in aquatic environments.
  • Simple ‘rescue’ techniques to assist someone who is in distress in aquatic environments without endangering the rescuer.

Minimum age: 12 years old on the last day of the respective program.

NB: this is NOT a lifeguard qualification.

RED CROSS CPR, AED and FIRST AID (CFAS – Community course)

Would you know what to do in a cardiac, breathing or first aid emergency? The right answer could help you save a life. With an emphasis on hands-on learning, our CPR, AED and FIRST AID courses give you the skills to save a life. Two year certification.

Course Description:

  • First Aid: Learn how to respond to common first aid emergencies, including burns, cuts, head, neck and back injuries and more.
  • CPR: Learn how to respond to cardiac and breathing emergencies in adults, children and infants.
  • AED

Minimum age: 12 years old on the last day of the respective programme.


Junior Lifegaurd 3This course is designed to gives 14+ year olds a sneak peek into what it takes to become a great pool lifeguard. We cover all the basics and get participants ready to enter the Red Cross Full Pool Lifeguarding program when they turn 15.

Course content that is covered:

  • Introduction to lifeguarding
  • Lifesaving skills
  • Leadership skills


Through videos, group discussion and hands-on practice, you’ll learn teamwork, rescue and surveillance skills, First Aid and CPR/AED and other skills you need to work as a professional lifeguard. Successful completion results in a 2-year certification in Lifeguarding that includes first aid, professional-level CPR and AED in one certificate.

Prerequisites: Must be at least 15 years old and pass certain swimming requirements

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